The Worksite Wellness Toolkit and Resource Guide is a tool to assist worksites with implementing strategies that have been proven to be effective. The toolkit provides information to implement a broad range of strategies or programming, some  will require very little or no resources while other strategies may require considerable resources. The toolkit shows ways to get started and make a difference in the health of employees, regardless of the size of the worksite or resources available. To recieve a hardcopy of the toolkit, please contact Cheryl Tolbert, Executive Director, (225) 291-0085 or

Louisiana Worksite Wellness Toolkit and Resource Guide (pdf) - UPDATED April 2014

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Appendices and Sample Forms

Appendix A: Worksite Wellness Assessment Checklist

Appendix B: Employee Habits and Interest Survey

Appendix C: Disease Management and Health Initiative Resources

Appendix D: Sample Policies

Appendix E: How to Work with your Health Plan, Hospital or Vendor