LBGH recognizes that 2020 is an extraordinary time for our county.  The effectiveness of our nation’s response to COVID-19, and the number of lives saved, depends in large part on the excellence of our health care system and its expertise in keeping people safe. Excellence and safety are hallmarks of the Leapfrog movement. Areas of focus for employers:

  • Engage employers to influence hospital decision-making based on Hospital Survey participation.
  • Discuss with employers the differences in quality of care between facilities from which beneficiaries are seeking care—are these the best choices for the care needed? 
  • Use Leapfrog’s Lives and Dollars Lost to Medical Errors Calculator to help employers get a sense of how much they are spending, and how many lives are at stake, due to the errors that happen in hospitals. Many employers are unaware of the tremendous cost they bear due to medical errors. By illustrating to employers how much they’re likely to save by sending employees to safer hospitals, employers will be much more engaged with encouraging hospital transparency through the Leapfrog Hospital Survey as a means to generate safety and quality improvement. LBGH can assist employers so that they can easily access the valuable results.
  • Assist employers with communicating with employees to begin developing grassroots interest. Employers can take advantage of resources available in Leapfrog’s Purchaser Toolkit .
  • Use the new ASC Survey and outpatient section of the Hospital Survey to drum up excitement about Leapfrog and the new data collected from these facilities. 60% of surgical procedures now occur in the outpatient arena, so employers will find this section important.
  • Going to bid for health plans is the employers’ best opportunity to ensure Leapfrog is used in both public reporting and incentive payment/value programs. Employers can compare the value-based programs of the health plans to Leapfrog’s Value-Based Purchasing Program.
  • Ensure data warehouses and transparency tools utilize Leapfrog data in the portals provided to administrators and employees.​

LBGH recognizes that the commitment to quality, safety and transparency will help everyone achieve real progress towards a better health care system for all.​


Hospitals and ASC's please visit  for more information.

In 2018, LBGH was selected by The Leapfrog Group as their Regional Leader for LOUISIANA, to lead the effort to promote and implement quality and safe practices in all LOUISIANA health care facilities.